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Special Services

Scrap 4 Hire

Do you love the look of digitally scrapbooked albums, but just don't have the time or inclincation to do it on your own? db Designs offers a scrap for hire service. Use the contact form to inquire about pricing.

A single layout in a frame or a full layout make great gifts for family and friends.

Desktop Publishing

I will work closely with you for all your desktop publishing needs, including but not limited to:


Newsletter design

Let me help you with your monthly newsletter. I will design a reusable template that can be used in Microsoft Office, Photoshop, or Photoshop Elements, all you have to do is fill in the new information when needed. Or I will design your newletter in full on an as needed basis with your input.

Business Cards/Logo design

Need a new logo? Need a business card to go with it? I can design them for you. You will receive a digital file of your logo and/or business card that you can print yourself or can be uploaded to any online printing site or brought to any printing company.

Stationery design also available.

Custom Scrapbooking Collections

Do you have the perfect photos to scrap, but you just can't find the right digital kit to scrap them? db Designs offers a Customized Digital Collection service. You choose the color scheme and the theme. I will work closely with you to make sure that the kit is exactly what you are looking for. A custom kit is $20. For a surcharge of $10 the kit will be exclusively yours and never sold in my store, otherwise after delivery to you, custom kits will be sold to the general public in my store.

A Custom kit will include:

*for example, if the kit includes 3 bows that are the same only different colors they will count as one unique element.

Do you need one particular element that you just can't find? Perhaps a graduations tassle in your child's school colors, or your school name and mascot? Or maybe you just have something in mind that you want but can't fine? Single custom elements are also available, prices starting at $2.00.

Photo Restoration

This photo was stored in a box with many other photos. Over the years it was torn, scratched and wrinkled. Ink from the back of other photos in the box transferred to the surface of this photo.

Original Photo           Restored Photo

Improper storage or just age can damage your precious photos. Restore your photos to their original glory with the db Designs photo restoration service. You will recieve a flawless copy of your original photo; your original photo will not be changed. Prices starting at $20. Pricing is based on the amount of damage to the original photo. Use the contact form below to inquire about restoring your own photos.

Web/Blog Design


*A hosted blog resides on the blogging platform's server, not your own.

Customer Mailing List

Occasionally, I send out a newsletter with information on what is going on at db Designs. The newseltter always includes a coupon and members only freebies. Interested? Use the form below to add your name to the list.

Handcrafted Gifts

db Designs has branched out into handcrafted gifts. Currently offering:


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